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Wood Types

Mark Wood International standards

  • Strength: Timber with sufficient strength to resist heavy structural loads.
  • Toughness: Timber that is Tough enough to bear shocks due to vibrations.
  • Hardness: Timber that is hard enough to resist deterioration.
  • Elasticity: Timber that have the property of elasticity that will be able to regain its original shape after removal of loads.
  • Durability: Timber that is able to resist attacks of fungi, worms and atmosphere effects.
  • Fibers and Structure: It should have straight and closed fibers and compact medullary rays.
  • Defects: Timber chosen have been prepared from the heart of a sound tree and be free from sap, dead knots, shakes and other similar defects.
  • Shape and weight: Timber retain it’s shape during the process of seasoning.
  • Appearance and Colour: Timber chosen are of those freshly cut with good smell and shining surface.
  • Workability: it is the well-seasoned and easily workable.

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